LOOPHOLE 24 Jan 2014





All that  is in the eminence and lowness of the world, You are

The world has become so colorful and mixed that finding a calm anchorage or perhaps an exhaustive look is difficult. Over this firm chaos, there is a real system, which sometimes, it is not clear that has a specific purpose or not. Or it can say, if it can make a new theory or old repetition comes out of under part layers of each opinions or not. There is no any extremity for the reflections and imaginations creations. Perhaps if a realist eye isn’t be dose upon soul district, it can make the contemporary confused human reach to balance and elegant harmony. Especially in a nowadays age which has so many multiple voice of cultural songs that broadcast disharmonious sounds. Wow it is necessary to know that with chaos and various opinions, there are different level of societies and anarchy.

Additionally, still, there are situation which are in between condition. Something like “not still” verses “no never” or challenging between modernity and tradition. One is stationing and exciting, other one is ruining and has been refusing by nowadays addressing.

There are unwished ones which comes from being condition something  which is imposed from outside on mind, and artist take it over without having any chance and creates.

There are different factors which makes this pleasant imposition that mostly has artist’s consent.

An abstract art is like a heritage which its fountainhead is beyond the common framework. It is the same layers beneath the artist’s mind in the form of color, space and…that is the heritage of nature which we share it with our addressee’s mind.

Anywhere it seems necessary, the habitudes are turned upside down, structure of character changes, forms and spaces mined together, normal limitation becomes beyond    natural and escape from the old creations and expiration.

Ana abstract art should be able to go over the splits and disruptions. Such opinion presenting the same between area and unexpected things.

It seems, symbols, indications, signs have more than one meaning in abstract art.

Ambiguity, obscurity of symbols language cause decoding and are lysing the addressees or it is better  to say, it can analyzing the hidden meaning of artist’s hidden idea in to various kind.

Shortly, an artist is free from any complaining or contradiction, pleasant or unpleasant.

He/she wouldn’t like to presenting and explaining his/her inner works. He/she more would like to hear the addressee’s opinion, criticism and judgment. Explain and describing these various aspects of abstract world is hard for the artist, because it is from artists inner and soul, not addressees design.

Ms. Aamin Mohammadi and Kiana Rashidi are looking for their thoughts  arrangements (system) in the said world.

Painting works of Ms. Mohammadi and Rashidi have been brought some words some as a moment in the form of abstract by using various technique for presenting in Faramarzi Gallery.

The said artist’s mind on cardboard and canvas beyond their previous exhibition.

Surly in future soon, we will see their different works  and attempts.

Be success

Rouhollah Delkhani

Tehran/ January 2014