as mirror

as mirror 02 May 2014

illustration exhibition

arefe younesi
friday2may 2014



Simplification an everlasting endeavor sprang from an internal

apocalypse, the effort that if not met would become a loss for the

artist. A peril that not all has the heart to confront, for the chosen

rest should do so to fill the challenges of the empty places.  This

reticence, this selectivity comes not from indolence but maturity and

this is what Arefe has comprehended fully as she grows excessively

focused and detailed when found necessary. The internal emotion of her

work exposes her femininity. With these highly thready lines, she

easily satisfies the sentiment of the spectators. She is not bound by

nostalgia, it seems that besides countering her emotions her mind

knows no boundary. Although her works has the form of illustration,

but I believe the sensation reflected goes far beyond that.

Ali Faramarzi