Ali A Kbar Sadegi/Ali Faramarzi/Hossein Maher

NOW 21/DEC 11

What Should Have Existed

It doesn’t exist, neither in the picturesque, well-made apples by “Ali Akbar Sadeghi” which are imprisoned among the bars, nor in the masks by “Hossein Maher” which conceal something behind themselves and insist not to disclose the truth, nor in the unreasonable huge cities by “Ali Faramarzi” which deprive man of the opportunity of living a humane life; all three present the same thing: the absence of what should have existed.  

It’s as though each of these three artists has wandered around the city as like as Rumi’s Skaikh, seeking to fulfill the desire of finding a true human; and it’s as though they are all disappointed with discovering mere nothingness.

The Middle East poses a great question to the contemporary artist. Every day in observing any region, s/he finds nothing, as if a black hole opens out, constantly devours existence and remains nothingness.