MORGHABAN 06 Mar 2015

As an artistic pure performance, Kilim is the Kurdish woman instrument. Everything goes to the width of the creature’s mind. There is no map to settle by order. Design and color are offhand. Any creation or change are by her perceptions, the texture that is used as their home decorations. When sales don’t matter, she creates her feelings.


Colors change their place with no law and no limitations, each motif finds a new shape at each performance that all belongs to her believes.


Hymn is the art of the mind which gives mining to its myth. A complicated believe that is as simple as her creation. For us, it’s intricate how an animal could be the totem of a crowd. For her the relation between abundance of water and duck is simple, a life which is not possible without water (Reshte le) which is the essential member of these artworks, is the sign of water flow. A bird which is the sign of survival. A profound duality of cause and effect in a venerable occasion, gets the authority to sentry holy water. Both water and duck plays a unique meaning, the meaning of life and each role and play is a chant, a thanksgiving and a guarantee of their survival. Visualizing the life is her favorite and now each water bird is the sweet imagination of the guards. For the woman who believes in spring and an untold secret reveals on an arena which is femininity.