The city was visible

The city was visible 24 Apr 2015



Tehran Today uproarious image is not proportionate with its rural background, deep rupture altough it has not passed much far from its history.ٌ

Wandering and bewildered in the massive size, colors and shapes of the city,
I tried to find hesitation to watch my city in simply and friendly view free of it's complexity and confusion,but a range of gentle and spirit, but I know it is not just a dream; maybe I would draw it in a picture frame...

I was brought to a side of complex city with a simple sense to imagine it in a white painting canvas that everyone has left a point, line or color or an effect on it.

Ugly or beautiful, whatever Tehran is, persuaded me to looke in a different way of transferring my own mental concept on frame picture.

This mental concern created the Album entitled "The City was visible " .